Crime is becoming rampant due to drug usage. Drug usage is becoming rampant due to those wanting to escape from responsibility. Escape from responsibility is becoming rampant because of the tyranny of the law and legal system in our country. The legal system and the laws and lawyers are becoming more active and domineering because of crime. It is a self-feeding system and as all self-feeding systems it needs to have a brake put on it at some point.

The things that have been tried in the past won’t work. It needs to have some innovative thinking brought to bear on the problem. Different ideas need to be brainstormed as to what place in the links between these factors the stopgap should be put.

Let’s take the first problem, that of crime becoming rampant because of the need for drugs. People are using drugs to replace God in their lives. They have lost the ability to trust society or religion for any answers to their problems and to answer their unanswered questions for them.

By using the drugs, they feel powerful enough that they do not need to be dependent on society and its educational practices or the churches and their educational practices. They simply determine, then to create their own society. The more that fall into this drug culture, the stronger it becomes. If not stopped it can become a culture of great power, as the taking of drugs eliminates the conscience which is what the spiritual path is all about, you remember. When the conscience is eliminated and in most cases destroyed by the taking of drugs, then crime is rampant within the culture, even against other members of the drug culture. They do not just commit crime against those not taking drugs, but the elimination of the conscience allows them to commit crime even against their own, be it mother, father, brother, sister or friend.

The taking of drugs destroys any hope of their soul having any influence over the form. The drugs themselves actually kill off brain cells. The same is true of all drugs, be it nicotine from tobacco or alcohol or any other of the drugs now in use. They all will prevent clear thinking.

Our government has tried every way they can think of to stop drug trafficking. Nothing has worked. Perhaps the answer is legalization. This would certainly stop the huge amounts of money that exchange hands. This would stop the high street cost and therefore the need to commit crimes to get the money to buy drugs.

It is a known fact that when something is out of reach it becomes very desirable. This is true for all humans. Perhaps this is the only way to gain control of the drug problem is to lose control. Sometimes this is what it takes. This would put the problem directly where it belongs, each person taking direct responsibility from the age of twelve on as to whether he wanted to live his life in a drug haze, or to be completely free of mind altering contaminants. There hasn’t been an aggressive enough campaign from the correct angles on this subject. It needs to be approached from an educational and spiritual viewpoint combined.

The next link in the chain is that of crime to obtain the money to buy the drugs. Drugs are slave masters. They entail loss of freedom because of the ability to be addictive. Crime can also be addictive. Once a person “gets away with a crime” it becomes a powerful stimulus in his mind to know or think, anyway, that he has outwitted those seemingly much more mentally powerful than he is.

Therefore, those trying to stop crime need to learn to think like a criminal. There needs to be schooling given that gives the law enforcement officers the ability to think like a criminal.

There also has to be a powerful goal to be obtained. One suggestion would be financial bonuses for law enforcement officers for directly being responsible for catching criminals.

If it isn’t always possible to determine who is responsible for solving the case, for instance in a case as big as the Oklahoma bombing, the reward money should go to the victims families.

Where will the reward money come from? There are many sources. One suggestion would be from minor traffic violations. In other words, an increase in minor traffic offenses such as parking tickets, speeding, not wearing seat belts, etc. This puts the responsibility right back into the hands of the people who will benefit from a reduction overall in crime. It will come from the people who want to have a crime free country giving to the victims of crime or to the fund that will honor the people who catch the criminals.

The next place in the linkage between all this is in the law and the lawyers, those making the laws and those hired to protect and defend people who have been accused of breaking the law. The lawyers need to understand how the mind of someone works who is out to “get what they can” from situations that should never be defendable in a court of law. These are the people who do not want to take any responsibility for themselves.

One case I can think of are those who sue a restaurant over coffee that is too hot. Every mother teaches her child to be aware of hot drinks. What kind of a mother would she be if she did not do this? Have these people forgotten what they learned at their mother’s knee? The responsibility in this case is clearly their own. There are many other instances where this is happening.

Lawyers need to attend a school of drama where they act out many different roles of being in business or offering services where they are “sued” by other lawyers in the school for things that will immediately seem ridiculous and point up where all this is leading. There needs to be much more control over lawyers by lawyers as to whether they take these shoddy cases. They are, of course, after the money these cases will bring. There needs to be a stop gap put into the rewards these lawsuits bring. The profession of law needs to police itself. Once again we come back to education through acting out the roles of those you are offering service to.

Virtual meetings are all of the rage nowadays. Since March, primary meetings were cancelled throughout the United States. Huge meetings that have been in no way supposed to be held remotely have grew to become digital. You are possibly receiving classified ads to wait distinct digital meetings all of the time now! But how do you understand if it is going to be worth the cash to wait? A country wide convention this is usually held in-character might be very distinct held virtually. As making a decision which meetings you may attend this year, you’re possibly factoring withinside the quantity it’ll fee to wait in comparison to the fee you may get hold of from it. Will the convention you usually attend in-character be worth attending virtually? While I do not have a crystal ball to inform you all of the answers (despite the fact that that might be cool if I did), I covered a handful of pointers you ought to remember whilst determining to wait, in addition to, pointers on a way to get the maximum out of the convention whilst attending!

Is the Conference Worth the Money?

This is the million-greenback query all and sundry is looking themselves proper now. If the convention is free, then you definitely ought to surely attend if cash isn’t a aspect and you’re interested by the content material. If it isn’t free, you may want to decide if the schedule/content material might be of fee to you. There are some key questions you may ask your self to assist decide this:

  • Is this a convention this is usually held in-character? If so, evaluate the schedule to year’s past. Is it simply as meaty or does it appear a little weak?
  • When you’re looking on the schedule are you locating your self immediately choosing out periods you need to wait? Are you drawn in to numerous of the topics?
  • Is the content material relatable in your company? Do you spot fee withinside the topics they’ll be imparting that you may be capable of observe returned at your company?

Asking your self those key questions will assist manual you withinside the proper direction.

Additionally, as you’re debating approximately attending a digital convention, make certain to keep away from the demeanor that a digital convention is 2d exceptional to in-character. If the content material is what you’re looking for, the manner you get hold of that records is the most effective factor this is distinct. Furthermore, if it is a convention usually held in-character and is valuable, possibilities are the digital convention might be simply as useful if it is overlaying topics you’re interested by. Organizations who’re taking the time to rework the convention right into a digital occasion are going to do everything they could to make it a terrific one.

What Are You Missing from an In-Person Conference?

This is the following query you need to invite your self. The important thing you’re lacking is the networking aspect. When you attend meetings one of the advantages is being capable of mingle and meet others who do the equal factor you do. It may be very hard to contain this right into a digital occasion, however meetings are nonetheless hosting digital glad hours, digital networking periods, chat periods, and extra to interact with different attendees. While this isn’t similar to networking in-character, it should not be a large aspect with the intention to now no longer attend a digital convention given that it’s miles a customary hindrance throughout meetings proper now. If networking is essential to you, you may focus at the meetings so that it will be conserving digital networking periods.

Besides the networking thing, ask your self if there’s whatever else that is lacking from the convention which you usually have in-character. Assess what’s lacking and determine if it is a massive aspect this is turning you away from attending the convention virtually.

The Benefits

Now let’s dive into a number of the important thing advantages of a digital convention.


Virtual meetings provide you with the power to hop on and off. You can choose which periods are maximum essential to wait. This lets in you to take care of enterprise at the same time as nonetheless being capable of attend the quantities of the convention you need to take a seat down in on.

Save Time and Money

The appropriate factor approximately now no longer wanting to wait an in-character convention is the money and time you may shop. You will shop time on tour and shop cash in lots of distinct regions consisting of airfare, motel rooms, food, drinks, registration for attendees, and extra. Registration is also less expensive for a digital convention so that you may also shop cash at the registration fee. Additionally, you may remember registering most effective a few personnel for a digital convention rather than the same old quantity you could carry with. If you probably did most effective sign in some personnel, the ones that attend can take notes and provide a presentation to the group on key takeaways from the convention.

Presentations are Being Recorded

If you leave out a consultation or would really like to revisit one you attended, maximum digital meetings are recording the periods and sending it out to attendees afterwards. This is a gain you would not have at an in-character convention. If there’s a consultation you are not capable of make live, you may nonetheless be capable of view it later on.

Education and Inspiration

Let’s now no longer neglect about approximately the primary purpose we attend meetings to start with. Even aleven though it’s miles being held virtually, the purpose of all meetings stays the equal: to be instructional and inspirational. Everyone always feels appropriate after attending a convention. You benefit new enterprise insights that you may take returned in your company. You emerge as stimulated listening to motivational audio system and specialists withinside the enterprise talk. All of this facilitates you carry new thoughts and exceptional practices returned in your company. Conferences are useful. Otherwise they would not exist. By attending a convention virtually, you might not lose out on those key experiences.

Tips When Attending a Virtual Conference

Don’t Multi-Task

If making a decision to wait a digital convention, make certain to make the maximum of it and be absolutely engaged. Often instances whilst you are on a webinar, it’s miles clean to get sidetracked in doing any other task. Avoid multitasking. You are attending the convention for a purpose, now no longer to 1/2 of listen. In order to keep away from distractions, near from your electronic mail and out of all communications. I could even placed your telecellsmartphone to the facet so that you do not get distracted via way of means of a textual content or telecellsmartphone call. Disconnecting all through the periods you’re attending is the most effective manner to make certain you may be absolutely worried with the convention and get the maximum of it.

Interact with the Speaker and Attendees

If you’re capable of ask questions all through the consultation, do not keep returned. Ask questions as in case you have been there all through an in-character presentation. Also, take part withinside the networking and chat periods with different attendees. While it is not similar to in-character, it’s miles a pleasing manner to percentage exceptional practices and get to understand others withinside the enterprise. You gets extra out of the convention, the extra worried you’re.

Login 10 Minutes Early

Everyone is the use of a distinct webinar platform nowadays and feature distinct capabilities grew to become on/off. Be positive to login 10 mins early to get the era setup so that you do not leave out the start of the presentation. Sometimes you want to down load the webinar platform in your computer, different instances it could be puzzling to get the audio/visible setup. To keep away from any confusion and stress, login early to make certain you’re geared up to go earlier than the presentation.